Adora Belle Dearheart

Daughter of Robert Dearheart, founder of the Grand Trunk Semaphore Company, and sister of the murdered John Dearheart, Adora Belle Dearheart (featured in the two Discworld novels Going Postal and Making Money) is cynical, angry, and a heavy smoker (so memorably heavy that Moist, needing to find her, located her house by asking the nearest tobacconist's). It is also noted that she looks extremely good in a very plain grey dress, and the scenes in which she features contain very broad hints about people's beliefs about her sexuality (that she'd be a dominatrix and enjoy inflicting pain are the most noticeable).

In the past, the criminal Reacher Gilt had conned the Dearhearts out of their interest in the Trunk, which led to Miss Dearheart's having to take other employment. Adora Belle once worked in a bank. She lost that job when Moist (before he knew her) conned the bank with fake bonds and got her fired for accidentally passing some of them as real (as his fakes were just that good).

She is currently head of the Ankh-Morpork Golem Trust. The trust is an employment service, owned by the Free Golems, that serves as a means to procure money to free more golems.

During the events of Going Postal. she begins a tentative relationship with Moist von Lipwig, who is madly in love with her, mainly because she is the only person who does not easily fall for his tricks and is therefore a challenge. The fact that Lipwig helped return the clacks to the Dearhearts in a unique moment of selflessness helped the relationship along and, by the book Making Money, they had become engaged. Miss Dearheart can see through most of Lipwig's tricks but he still manages to surprise her on occasion—of course, in these instances, he often succeeds in amazing himself as well.

Moist's nickname for her is "Spike", no doubt a reference to her customary deadly footwear and her reaction when anyone thanks her politely for not smoking. (Miss Dearheart wears what she claims are "the pointiest heels in the world", four-inch spikes, and took reluctant ballet lessons in her youth which taught her to kick like a mule. Such requests, or other unwelcome advances, are usually met by a demonstration of these facts.) The nickname given by her late brother was the more to the point: "Killer".

Readers are first introduced to Adora Belle at her place of work, the Golem Trust, early in Going Postal.

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